Smart Homz: Redefines connected living through advanced smart-home solutions.

Smart Homz: Redefines connected living through advanced smart-home solutions.

Smart Homz: Redefines connected living through advanced smart-home solutions.

When it became difficult to move his hands and fingers, Josh Gentry installed smart switches in his home that he could control from his computer. And when he started to use a walker to move around, he automated more switches and programmed them to turn on and off at preset times, as well as light up a room via motion sensors when he entered.

Gentry was diagnosed with ALS—a neurological disorder that affects muscles and causes problems walking, talking, swallowing and breathing. When Gentry received his diagnosis, he was working as a systems engineer at Cisco Systems in St. Louis. He soon moved back to Indiana for further treatment. And that’s when he immersed himself in home automation — a critical component of the “smart-home” concept.

This is one of the many examples that show how implementing smart-home solutions can change lives and lifestyles. By bringing automation, comfort and convenience to the home, it can improve and add value to the quality of life’.

Today, the smart-home concept is well recognized, yet few people know where to begin. Therefore, it can be a confusing, overwhelming space for consumers and small businesses alike. Dave LaMere, a passionate and vibrant entrepreneur, saw this challenge as an opportunity. He launched a business to help consumers navigate the smart-home landscape.

“Having seen a massive gap in the industry and a lack of reputable installers, I was driven to start the business,” LaMere says. “Knowing the right products and necessary infrastructure to suit specific needs is a daunting proposition for most people. We’re here to cut through the confusion.”

In 2017, LaMere turned his dream into reality and started SmartHomz, a home-technology installation and consulting service. He provides tech solutions to transform traditional residences into connected homes. Services including home automation, app-controlled systems and security bring safety, convenience and peace of mind to his customers.

Smart Home also has a division catering to commercial clients.

A rapidly growing market for Smart Homz is in senior care. LaMere proudly describes using cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of his elderly customers. As he puts it, Smart Homz offers a “smart alternative to assisted living.”

“People are staying in their homes longer,” says LaMere."We want to make sure they can maintain their independence, while allowing their loved ones to be confident they are safe.”

Smart Homz Security: More Than Just a Security System

“Historically,” LaMere says, “home security has been more reactive than proactive. An intruder tries to break in, an alarm goes off, sometimes sent to the local police station. Our plan reverses that equation.”

The company’s modern security system alerts the homeowner the moment anyone steps onto the property. Its highly sophisticated door and entry locks can be customized to specific family members or service providers (like a cleaning service or tradesman) or delivery personnel, and can be changed at any moment to accommodate a particular visitor.

“And the best part is the keyless feature,” LaMere adds. “No more keys to get lost or stolen. The system can be easily installed on a smartphone or tablet at no extra charge, to enable mobile web-controlled operation.”

SmartHomz security helps users to protect their home against thefts, attacks and any intruders, and through the app, users may monitor their home from anywhere and at any time. LaMere adds, “This often means homeowners can forego a monthly fee — which they appreciate — because they control the system. They can easily see via video feed if an alert is caused by an intruder, a delivery person or an unexpected guest.”

Smart HomzMakes a Difference in the Marketplace

“Every homeowner is different and their needs can vary greatly, therefore every solution is truly unique,” says LaMere. “And there can be different solutions for primary residence or vacation home, senior living or homes with small children, and many other variables."

Taking this into account, Smart Homzcreate solutions that are holistic and customized. Unlike other solution providers that predominantly sell their own products, Smart Homz delves deep into the customer’s home habits and lifestyle to assess their specific requirements and deliver solutions that address these needs. Smart Homz can recommend the right products from an array of manufacturers and providers to offer the best solution for a client’s individual circumstances. This is the Smart Homz Difference, and how it rises above its competition as a highly reputable solution provider.

Lamere emphasizes that customer service is paramount for his business. The company comprises a team of professionals who are all experts in their own specialties. They support the company in achieving its objectives and deliver an outstanding customer experience. From educating customers about different smart devices to installing those devices in their homes and on their phones, they are always available to help, provide explanation and troubleshoot.

“We will tackle any issues a customer has related to home technology,” LaMere adds. “The majority of our customers is not tech-savvy, so the time we spend helping them feel comfortable with their new technology is key.”

Because of its breakthrough solutions and dedication to meeting customers ‘personal requirements, Smart Homz has been recognized by Technology Headlines as one of “10 Companies Leading the Smart City Revolution in 2019,” as well as being added to the Headlines 500, an annual list of the 500 fastest-growing American companies that will be published by Technology Headlines at the end of this year.

Envisioning theSmart HomzFuture

At present, the company focuses on content marketing, raising awareness, building a network of installers and cultivating relationships with manufacturers, distributors and partner agencies.

In the coming months, the company aims to expand its offerings and also roll out several programs to step into new verticals. Smart Homz has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, and it will continue to test the latest products, make recommendations based on clients’ lifestyle, budget and needs, and provide qualified, reputable, insured installers.


Home security has been more reactive than proactive. An intruder tries to break in, an alarm goes off, sometimes sent to the local police station. Our plan reverses that equation.”

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