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AdHoc Translations: Making Your Global Communications Easier and Effective

AdHoc Translations: Making Your Global Communications Easier and Effective

AdHoc Translations: Making Your Global Communications Easier and Effective

Jesper Nielsen , Global Sales Director, AdHoc Translations 

Sustaining a business for quite a long time is a hard-won victory for every organization. Today, we see many businesses struggling in this regard. They might have an innovative idea and potential investors to get things going, but, when it comes to sustaining their business, many of them fail as they reach the fifth or tenth year.

This is the case with startups. But, the state of established companies is also no different. Over the past decade, we have heard about many established companies that have shut down their business, due to their inability to keep up with their customers’ expectations. And the numbers are still growing year after year.

Whether it’s a startup or an established organization, today’s customers only stand by the companies that understand and meet their expectations. AdHoc Translations, a leading third generation solution provider, has understood this right from the initial stages of inception. A language solution provider with almost thirty years of experience, AdHoc Translations has continually understood its customers changing requirements and has addressed them optimally.

Renowned as a modern language solution provider, the company knows how to combine proud traditions with the latest technologies to provide the best results for companies. And today, there are a growing number of companies that employ AdHoc Translations to meet their translation needs.  

Staying Ahead of the Curve

It is no longer easy to sustain businesses for a long period of time. New companies are venturing into the market every day and the ones that fail to embrace the change are left behind.  However, AdHoc Translations stays ahead of the curve with its willingness and the ability to adapt to the needs of its companies. Instead of developing a solution and selling to its companies, the team at AdHoc Translations follows its customers closely, understands their requirements and process and tailors solutions that meet their needs nimbly. This philosophy of putting the customer first is what separates AdHoc Translations from peers in the industry.

Many robotic companies are small companies that experience exponential growth. Though these companies have the capabilities to break into new markets, often communication becomes a barrier for them. They find it challenging to document about their products and services, and create content for websites in languages spoken in markets it wishes to enter. This is where AdHoc Translations comes in.

The company helps customers within the robot industry with its smart solutions. This includes integrating its solutions with customers’ systems to providing a complete range of language services. “It is important to have close communication with companies’ employees while integrating with their systems. We have learned that it is here that problems can occur, because if a system changes or updates are made, it may have an impact on the integration so that it suddenly does not work,” explains Jesper Nielsen , Global Sales Director, AdHoc Translations.  Therefore, AdHoc Translations has asked its customers to notify them when such updates take place so that it can check for any changes during the integration process.

Embracing the Change

Built on technologies such as AI, AdHoc Translations uses many tools to optimize and improve its translation services. The company’s CAT tools, which constitute of translation memories, term bases and automatic quality checks, ensure consistent terminology and reuse of previous translations, which makes translations better and cheaper.  At the same time, its machine translation solutions increase responsiveness and understandings as long as customers’ keep a critical view on when and how to use it. Besides its translation service, the company also offers various add-ons such as proof-reading, copywriting, SEO optimization of texts, DTP, voice over, and subtitling services.

AdHoc Translations is built on core values and competencies such as a high level of service, high-quality products, and innovative and tailored solutions. “We do our utmost to listen to our customers and create solutions that aim to make the customers’ processes even better. This is one of the main reasons why we have so many satisfied customers. We want to bring that little extra to our solutions and try to think out of the box and this is highly appreciated among our many Robotics customers,” states Nielsen.

Going forward, the company intends to develop new solutions and products based on AI, voice recognition, and neural machine translation. With experience, right mindset, and exceptional team in place, the future looks bright for AdHoc Translations.


We do our utmost to listen to our customers and create solutions that aim to make the customers’ processes even better