Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Inc: Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The rise in the adoption of 3D printing technology indicates two things: the host of benefits it offers to organizations operating across a myriad of


Small businesses have long been the vital part of America’s economy as a whole, and their success has been essential for the U.S’ economic growth and

Deep Blocks: Unleashing the Power of Deep Technology in Real Estate

When it comes to the most profound technology that can redefine the way we do business and live our lives, it is clear that Artificial Intelligent (AI

Facebook acquires blockchain startup Chainspace

Facebook has acquired London-headquartered blockchain-based startup Chainspace due to the extremely skilled and professional staff of this company and

Top 15 tech companies to work for in according to Glassdoor reviews

Out of the hundreds of thousands tech companies, only a handful are making impact in the world as well as taking good care of their employees.

Nearly 50 per cent of people in technology sector are considering a career

Seattle-based home services online platform Porch conducted a study titled ‘The Future of Work: Exploring the State of Freelancing and Remote Work’, t

Adoption of blockchain technology in IoT sector more than doubled in 2018:

The adoption of blockchain technology to facilitate in securing IoT data, devices and services surged over twofold in 2018, a recent survey conducted

Google may halt its censored search project for China: Report

US search engine behemoth Google may abandon its plan to launch its own censored search project for China, as per a report by The Intercept.

The future of cloud computing in the healthcare sector

Healthcare cloud computing enables users to quickly access electronic medical records and large storage of medical information in clinics and hospital

Applications of quantum computing

Quantum computing is the study that deals with developing computer technology based on the principles of quantum theory that explains the behavior and

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