Covisint: Facilitating Connectivity by Leveraging IoT

Sam Inman | Covisint - Facilitating Connectivity by Leveraging IoT

The Global Enterprise just in the past decade has advanced exponentially in terms of technology. Most of this has been fueled by Globalization and the ever growing demand for services of all sorts particularly pertaining to IT, which has become a prerequisite for any business to function effectively. To this end a technology that at this juncture seems to be the pinnacle of IT is the Internet of Things or ‘IoT’. Even though its potential and prospective benefits are common knowledge to most, the IoT is a technology that still has not made headway into most markets across the world. As with most new technologies the problem here has been effective implementation which is often marred by various infrastructure as well as personnel limitations. Detroit based firm Covisint to this end offers the cloud platform required to enable the Internet of Things and identity-centric solutions – securely and at scale. “We allow developers, partners and customers to innovate and drive digital transformation faster with less cost, complexity and risk. We provide and enable secure and seamless connections between people, systems, and things for global enterprises,” elaborates Sam Inman, CEO Covisint.

Equipping Businesses for the IoT Era

The product of a cross venture in 2000 between a consortium of organizations which included General Motors, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler, Covisint was conceived to launch and enable the first business-to-business (B2B) information sharing exchange for the global automotive industry. True to its original purpose, Covisint over the years has helped connect businesses, people and technologies thereby enabling digital transformation with less cost, complexity and risk and has built its expertise in facilitating this connectivity for current and future needs. “Combined with the scale and need for complex relationships (multi-dimensional) among people, systems and things will demand a new paradigm thinking in the security and information access modeling. Covisint is focused on solving the two challenges and thus getting recognized as a truly differentiating technology to solve the problems in the IoT landscape,” adds Sam.


Covisint’s primary service offering is its cloud platform which serves as an accelerator of IoT adoption. The platform is designed to enable developers to quickly and efficiently build, deploy and manage connected solutions and applications and focus on creating the business logic that will differentiate their connected products and processes. Through its cloud platform Covisint also seeks to address the data and security aspect of IoT which could be considered the fuel for business insights guiding higher product adoption and better economics as well as the vector of new business models, such as pay per use and micro usage fees. “Another dimension is one where devices of things are only one type of entities involved in connected solutions; such solutions typically include users and operators (people) as well as other systems of engagement or systems of record (systems),” adds Sam.

A Comprehensive Interoperable IoT Platform

While there are many IoT vendors in the market today, most of them fall short while delivering a comprehensive IoT platform that offers high quality end-to-end services. Here Covisint distinguishes itself by providing a platform which is purpose-built to offer the maximum level of integration and interoperability with other IoT platforms. “Our platform offerings enable users and developers to create and manage the digital ecosystems that constitute their connected products and connected processes and within which people, systems, things devices and apps will produce, use, consume or store data,” elaborates Sam.


The organization conceptualizes a unified data model capable of abstracting out implementation complexity while offering an agnostic platform which will in turn define key winning strategies. The potential here is huge from a multi-dimensional perspective taking into consideration the fact that everything humans do to improve life comfort and standards will have a direct impact in deriving intelligence and making things smarter. These concepts of course can only be brought to reality through IoT, for the delivery of which on a Global scale, Covisint is working incessantly.

The Road Ahead

Covisint’s over 15 years existence has enabled it to amass an impressive clientele of over 2000. With the required expertise and experience in the field, Covisint intends to become the cloud platform of choice for building Identity-centric and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and applications. The organization in the years to come seeks to become the industry standard platform that global enterprises could leverage to rapidly enable the identification, authorization and connection of the complex, extended digital business ecosystem of people, systems and things.