Datameer: Data Analytics Made Easy

Stefan Groschupf | Datameer - Data Analytics Made Easy

Computerized Data today governs almost all aspects of our lives. Considering the versatility of its application which ranges from solving complex business problems to curing cancer, data has been proven to be the most effective tool in solving complex challenges. For the San Francisco based firm, Datameer, this belief is the cornerstone of their business motto. Given the complexity surrounding data analytics, the Datameer team has taken upon itself to lower the barrier to entry and putting the power of big data analytics directly into the hands of those who know their data best. Despite big data’s huge prospects, the traditional methods of data analytics being implemented on worldwide on a large scale tends to be time consuming, uncoordinated and with less than desirable user experience. Datameer have found the solution to this by simplifying the entire process into a single self-service big data application, disrupting a multi-process system. As a modern business intelligence platform, Datameer leverages smart data discovery to transform complex, technical processes with easy-to-use point-and-click functionality throughout the entire analytics workflow of data integration, preparation, analytics and visualization. By not requiring technical skills or the need for specialized tools, citizen data scientists are empowered to get the answers they need from their data. This has made Datameer a top draw amongst hundreds of clients which includes CIOs, CMOs, CTOs, doctors, scientists, law enforcement officials, and even Olympic athletes, who rely on Datameer to get valuable insights from raw data faster than ever before.

Smart Data Discovery

A primary aspect of Datameer’s service portfolio for Big Data is Smart Data Discovery. “Datameer’s Smart Data Discovery leads users to the right answers through a user experience that is designed specifically for exploration and experimentation, and includes visual data profiling, and intelligent guidance,” explains Stefan Groschupf, CEO, Datameer. Stefan Groschupf is a big data veteran and serial entrepreneur with strong roots in the open source community. He was one of the very few early contributors to Nutch, the open source project that spun out Hadoop, which 10 years later, is considered a 20 billion dollar business.

Another tool at the Datameer’s disposal is Smart Execution. Smart execution provides Datameer with the necessary smarts under the hood to select the best execution engine automatically and process analyses in the most efficient manner possible – every single time. Smart Execution’s open architecture enables new execution frameworks to integrate right in as they become enterprise-ready. Datameer’s governance feature means users don’t have to choose between self-service big data analytics, and robust, governable, big data architecture. Datameer acts as an abstraction layer over Hadoop, using Hadoop clusters via Datameer to ensure greater big data security than Hadoop provides natively.

Data Analysis is an agile process. Unlike other solutions, its flexible and future-proof architecture gives fluidity to the entire self-service analytics workflow and optimizes performance. Datameer has a clear understanding of this fact and have designed their solutions to allow clients to seamlessly toggle between different phases of the workflow and with visualization at every step of analysis which in turn enables users to freely approach data discovery with a checks and balance approach. By not requiring technical skills or the need for specialized tools, citizen data scientists are empowered to get the answers they need from their data.

The Road Ahead

Started in 2009, Datameer over the years has established a huge clientele which includes Visa, American Airlines, Citi, Comcast,, Sears, USA Olympic Team, Telefonica, Vivint. The company’s mission to make big data analytics easy for everyone has made it a top draw in various markets around the world for Big Data related concerns. This has also helped the company earn many partners who are interested in their unique brand. Last August Datamere received their latest and highest round of funding and was from a new investor, ST Telemedia which is one of the largest telecommunications investment firms in the Asia Pacific. Datameer has also earned several accolades which include 2016/2017 European Business Awards: German National Champion, EY Entrepreneur of the Year: 2016 Finalist, Frost & Sullivan: Global Growth Excellence Leadership, AlwaysOn: 2015 Global 250 Top Private Companies, Emerging Vendors 2015: Big Data Vendors and Big Data 100 2015: Business Analytics among the most recent. “With support from STT and other investors, the last 18 months have kicked off our global expansion into areas that we previously didn’t have the bandwidth to pursue. We still have a huge focus on the North American and European markets, but will now be bringing our game-changing technology to other markets that are clearly making huge business strides,” adds Stefan.