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Howard Hellman | Aerobyte, Redefining Enterprise Security

As an industry, we know that building security is similar to protecting a castle, we have learned that over the years - Howard Hellman, Founder, Aerobyte

The business IT landscape is increasingly getting disrupted due to the onslaught of Cloud, Data Science, AI, and IoT adoptions on both consumer and enterprise side. With the number of connected IoT devices increasing steadily, security issues also multiply exponentially. In light of the importance of what IoT devices companies have access to, it is important for businesses to understand where existing security risks lie and how we protect them. Aerobyte, an Enterprise Cyber Security solutions provider, presents a unique approach to security, one that limits complexity by reducing the number of products and vendors once needed to operate a secure infrastructure. By building a comprehensive security platform, created by the most capable engineers in the field, companies can now centralize the protection of their data by developing a centralized Security Command Center which secures and protects every endpoint, no matter if they are remote, on-premise or in the cloud.

Howard Hellman is the main maestro of Aerobyte, and brings his 25+ years’ experience in providing sophisticated hardware or software based IT solutions. However, what differentiates him from others is that Howard and his partners have developed a vision for a trust-based security solution beginning their journey more than 15 years ago.

Aerobyte so far has succeeded in protecting information accessibility where others have failed. Aerobyte’s Security Platform provides comprehensive protection for all critical data points inside any enterprise environment. It offers the management, monitoring, analytics, and configuration tools to automate security on a massive scale.

Aerobyte: Experts in Enterprise Centralized Security

The company’s unique approach to redefining security based on a centralized command center architecture securing end to end protection and provided perimeter defenses at the furthest endpoints with our Edge Point Protection, blocking unauthorized access at the local network adapter, which offers a complimentary solution with a variety of endpoint security vendors. Aerobyte secures any communication over any underlying network topology, Layer 2, Layer 3 and open unsecured Wi-Fi, for secured Enterprise Backup, High-Performance Computing, Advanced Analytics, Scalable Business Intelligence, and Big Data Environments with our Security Platform built on trust which can be deployedvia private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

Aerobyte implements security as a platform that optimizes existing on-premise systems and Multi-Cloud Environments, through trust, encryption, privacy, protection and safety. Their solution focuses on protecting information at the byte level and establishing trusted connections through strong authentication to access authorized information via group policy, role, and assigned permissions. Their flagship product SAFe Encryption Gatewayenforces proper delivery of security fundamentals to protect information and ensure all the necessary controls are in place to access it, which at its heart provides encryption as a service and exceeds all requirements established for today’s Security Broker deployed for IoT and Cloud Environments.

“As an industry, we know that building security is similar to protecting a castle, We have learned that over the years, we can not keep everyone out, no matter how much we spend on network security,” says Howard. Aerobyte has always taken an approach to securing information from the inside out, which allows for greater flexibility, lower costs and provides enhanced security through software vs. expensive appliances and equipment. The company’s security platform allows for organizations to provide Real-Time Threat Protection strategically, and Edge Point Protection which givesAerobyte the unique ability to create a higher level of protection not limited by boundaries or borders.

Aerobyte’s key products that drive security as a platform as a solution includes our Encryption Gateway, which is a sophisticated traffic cop and protection layer that blocks access if they communication stream does not pass our Multi-Point Trust Authentication Strategy. Aerobyte Edge Point Protection product cloud SAFe Edge Interconnect, which secures any IoT device at the device’s endpoint, establishes trust to protect communication from one endpoint to the other Aerobyte’s SAFe Edge Interconnect turns an IoT device into a device of confidence and offers Private Key Protection. Encryption, Decryption, Compression and multipoint trust authentication through a secure tunnel that protects individual data communication streams from one endpoint to another which eliminates man in the middle attacks, port sniffing, hijacking of credentials and blocks unauthorized communication at the NIC level.

Future Roadmap

Through the development and integration of their security platform, they have always been years ahead of the Security Market. Through exceptional thought leadership, Aerobyte has devised a roadmap to build trusted users, IoT endpoint, workstations and server connections and allow organizations to create a glass house and Secured Distributed Computing Environment which leverages everything that the internet has to offer today.

Quote: Aerobyte implements security as a platform that optimizes existing on-premise systems and Multi-Cloud Environments, through trust, encryption, privacy, protection and safety