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100 Most innovative startups reshaping the Industries

100 Most innovative startups reshaping the Industries

Startups have been the lifeblood of the American Economy over the past few decades. Whether it’s creating half of the country’s jobs or generating more than half of the country’s domestic products, Startups are increasingly driving the growth of the American economy forward. However, when it comes to recognition, startups are not yet able to draw individual attentions in the market, as their contributions are collectively acknowledged by masses.

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Company Website Industry Founded Year State
NASGO Cryptocurrency 2015 Hong kong
NMBL Technologies Cloud Technology 2018 Chicago, Illinois
Pearl Technology Holdings. Computer Software 2014 Plano, TX
Physna LLC PLM 2015 Cincinnati, OH
Qoor Information Technology 2018 San Jose, California
RealX Solutions AR/VR 2017 New York, NY
Remix Smart City 2014 San Francisco, CA
RMS AUTOMOTIVE Automotive 2014 Atlanta, GA
Roadcast Delivery Fleet Management 2015 Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi
Route Computer Software 2017 Chicago, IL
Sapho Enterprise Mobility 2014 San Bruno, CA
Saviant Consulting Information Technology 2014 USA
SecurityScorecard Information Technology 2013 Newyork,NY
SFL Scientific AI 2015 Quincy, MA
SpotFlock AI 2017 Wilmington, DE
Switchboard Logistics Fleet Management 2015 Vancouver, BC
Tellius Computer Software 2015 Reston, Virginia
Tenna Information Technology 2015 Edison, NJ
Trustgrid Computer & Network Security 2016 Austin, TX
Vission Technology Inc GIS 2017 Vancouver
VistaTrackGPS Fleet Management 2015 USA
Webtunix AI AI 2015 New York City, United State
Wise Systems Machine Learning 2014 Cambridge, MA
XPEDITION EXCHANGE LLC Digital Transformation 2018 Chicago, IL

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