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100 Most innovative startups reshaping the Industries

100 Most innovative startups reshaping the Industries

Startups have been the lifeblood of the American Economy over the past few decades. Whether it’s creating half of the country’s jobs or generating more than half of the country’s domestic products, Startups are increasingly driving the growth of the American economy forward. However, when it comes to recognition, startups are not yet able to draw individual attentions in the market, as their contributions are collectively acknowledged by masses.

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Company Website Industry Founded Year State
Defence Unlimited International Defense & Space 2015 Mississauga, ON
Digital Asset Blockchain 2014 USA
Drive ai AI 2015 Mountain View, CA
Eigen Technologies Information Technology 2014 Victoria Street, London
Emerj AI 2017 Newton, Massachusetts
Filament AI AI 2016 Toronto, ON
FleetHolder Fleet 2015 Santa Clara,CA
FR8Star Freight 2015 Oakland, CA
GOVRED Law Enforcement 2017 Cedar Rapids, IA
Haystack Data Solutions Information Technology 2014 Minneapolis, MN.
Horizon Robotics AI 2015 Beijing
Hypergiant AI 2018 Austin, TX
Ikon GPS Automotive 2018 Arlington, TX
IMNA Solutions Healthcare 2016 Scottsdale, Arizona
Impact Analytics HealthCare 2015 Linthicum, Maryland
InData Labs AI 2014 Minsk
Intelligent Structures, Inc IOT 2015 Menlo Park, CA
Kanayma LLC IOT 2016 FL 33458, USA
Lanternfish NLP 2017 Hong Kong, Hongkong
Lateetud Robotics 2015 Washington DC
Lightship Computer Software 2015 Washington, DC,
Lone Star Tracking Computer Software 2015 The Woodlands, Tx
Menerva Software Information Technology 2016 Schaumburg, IL
Mighty AI AI 2014 Seattle, Washington
Miner & Kasch Data Science Computer Software 2015 Elkridge, MD

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