100 Most innovative startups reshaping the Industries

Startups have been the lifeblood of the American Economy over the past few decades. Whether it’s creating half of the country’s jobs or generating more than half of the country’s domestic products, Startups are increasingly driving the growth of the American economy forward. However, when it comes to recognition, startups are not yet able to draw individual attentions in the market, as their contributions are collectively acknowledged by masses.

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Company Website Industry Founded Year State
1Strategy https://www.1strategy.com/ Information Technology 2015 Bellevue, WA
360Converge https://www.360converge.com/ Automotive 2015 Orlando, FL
4G Clinical https://www.4gclinical.com/about Supply Chain Management 2015 Wellesley, MA
7X Energy, Inc https://7x.energy/ Green Energy 2016 Austin, TX
Abe AI http://www.abe.ai/platform/ AI 2016 Orlando, FL
Aciana https://www.aciana.com/solutions/medical-coding/ Blockchain 2018 Columbus, Ohio
Addepto https://www.addepto.com/machine-learning-services AI 2017 Warsaw, Mazowieckie
AEV Technologies, Inc https://aevgo.com/ Fleet Management 2014 Round Rock, TX
AiRo Digital Labs http://www.airodigitallabs.com/ Healthcare 2018 Chicago, IL
Alchemy Renewable Energy https://www.alchemyenergy.com/ Green Energy 2016 Charlotte, NC
Alkymi https://www.alkymi.io/ Digital Technology 2017 New York, NY
Alternative-Solar https://alternative-solar.com/ Green Energy 2018 San Antonio, TX
AmazeInc http://www.amazeincglobal.com/services/best-business-intelligence-in-usa.html Information Technology 2014 New Jersey,USA
Ameri Energy Group http://www.amerienergygroup.com/ Green Energy 2015 Essex, Connecticut
AMP Robotics https://www.amprobotics.com/ Robotics 2015 Louisville, Colorado
Analytics Fire http://afdc.co/ Green Energy 2014 Palo Alto, California
AnswerIQ https://www.answeriq.com/about AI 2016 Bellevue, WA
AntEater Analytics https://try.anteateranalytics.com/ Project Management 2017 BC, Canada
APC AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGIES https://www.apcautotech.com/markets/automotive-and-light-duty Automotive 2000 Littleton, Colorado
Applied Intuition, Inc. https://www.appliedintuition.com/ Computer Software 2006 Palo Alto, CA
Arabot https://arabot.io/ Information Technology 2016 Amman
ArtisChain https://www.artischain.io/business-networks/ Supply Chain Management 2018 Greenwich, Connecticut
Astound https://astound.ai/ Information Technology 2016 Menlo Park, CA
Audioburst https://audioburst.com/about.html Internet 2015 Palo Alto, CA
Axper https://axper.com/ Information Technology 2005 Richelieu, Quebec