Unified Communication

Shift8 Networks Experiments with New Unified Communication Technologies

Digerati Technologies, a leading cloud communications service provider has forayed into the unified communication market with a new deal with Shift8 Networks, its wholly-owned subsidiary. The company’s top executive team is now primarily focused on reinventing cloud products within an accelerated time frame. From a technology standpoint, cloud improvements have become more of a trend and this move from Shift8 will further strength the company’s initiative to expand its cloud network. Shift8 is soon expected to launch a new release of its cloud communications platform that introduces enhanced unified communication features.

The new release includes a browser-based softphone built specifically for Shift8's cloud PBX platform. The browser-based softphone can be accessed easily by either navigating to a unique URL and logging-in or launching it from the cloud PBX portal in a single click. End-users only need to launch the application and start dialing; there is no need for additional software.

Keeping the focus on Shift8's cloud PBX platform, the company has specifically built a browser-based softphone that can be easily accessed by end users. In a effort to make the application more customer friendly, the new release will allow users to send and receive messages from within Shift8's Cloud PBX portal. Some of the key features that the company has added are BETA Video Conferencing, SMS and Chat.The Video function uses web real-time communications ("WebRTC") technology to enable communications between Internet browsers. WebRTC is a powerful, highly disruptive, cutting-edge technology that can be used on both desktop and mobile browsers.

Arthur L. Smith, CEO of Digerati, stated, "We are excited about the enhancements and are eager to meet customer demand for these applications when we launch the new release in the next 30-45 days. With the help of our technology partners, this year will continue to bring additional feature sets and improvements to our platform, all for meeting the requests from our user-base and upcoming technology trends within our industry."

Digerati is known for its award-winning cloud communication services and has been recognized by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America. Shift8 Networks has come up through the ranks as a cloud company by helping businesses grow with a combination of simple, flexible, efficient, and cost effective communication solutions.