Sage Encourages Customers to Move into Cloud

Sage, UK’s leading Software Company is working hard to shed its image of a legacy application provider and hopes to become a pure cloud business. Sage leaders talked about the importance of creating a cloud-focused strategy in the recently concluded Sage summit. The company plans to help businesses in their cloud adoption initiatives.

The Sage summit that kicked off in London last week was a platform to bring together channel partners and customers to discuss new cloud strategies. Sage has shown in the past a reluctance to commit to a cloud business model. However, the company’s new found focus on cloud development practices send a clear message to customers about the relevance of cloud in the future. Sage claims to have accumulated a million customers in the cloud.

Sage UK MD Alan Laing assured customers that it will continue to make progress by simplifying cloud transformation strategies. He said, ‘”Having met many of you over the past year or so, the one question that I get asked repeatedly, more than any other, is how will partners play a role in the future of Sage’s business? No ifs, not buts, we truly love partners. You’re a crucial part of our business.

The new leadership team at Sage led by Stephen Kelly has made efforts to support this change. In the quest to create an innovative cloud ecosystem, Sage has already transferred a majority of its software into the cloud. The company forayed into the cloud space aiming to revamp its old systems and is looking more competitive than ever. Laing addressed the members of the summit by saying, “What we want to do is drive our partners to be incentivized to find new business, to find new customers. Everything we are doing inside, we want to do with partners and we want to create the right environment for them.”

“The reason that it has been delayed is purely that we need to build our internal systems so that our partners can work with us effectively and they get the results they’re expecting. Our platform, on Salesforce, will be ready for our partners in October. It’s simplification, meaning that the partners won’t have to spend so much time and resources transacting with us, but they can do it seamlessly using technology,” he added.