Oracle and Mitsubishi Electric Collaborate to Develop Internet of Things Platform for Smart Manufacturing

oracle | mitsubishi

 Oracle today announced its collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for smart manufacturing. With Oracle Cloud, Mitsubishi Electric developed its new FA-IT Open Platform for factory automation. Using edge computing between devices and business applications, the new platform enables the rapid collection, analysis, and utilization of data at production site.

With organizations rapidly adopting Industry 4.0,


Oracle Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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 OpenSource Summit North America -- Oracle announced today that it has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Platinum Member. In addition, Oracle is releasing Kubernetes on Oracle Linux and open sourcing a Terraform Kubernetes Installer for the next-generation Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As such, developers gain unparalleled simplicity for running their cloud native workloads on Oracle.

As enterprises accelerate how they build and deploy


Oracle Speeds up Cloud Growth with Data Center Expansion

oracle | data-center

Oracle is planning to come up with its own brand of newer and fresher technologies to compete with the bigwigs of the cloud world Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The importance of growing a cloud-focused enterprise is one of the main reasons behind Oracle’s new push to reinvent its technology machines. Traditionally known for its strong database technologies, Oracle’s aggressive approach to extend its data center capabilities around the world is a sign of the times to come.