Amazon’s Big Leap into the Unified Communications Market

Amazon has released Chime, a new enterprise app into the market to further strengthen its cloud business. Chime is a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offering hosted in Amazon Web Service’s cloud. Amazon aims to create its own unique position in the crowded UC market with Chime. Competing with Microsoft and Google for market dominance, Amazon is emphasizing on the development of innovation-led enterprise applications.

The traditional UC market based on on-premises platform is being slowly overtaken by cloud. Now, early-adopters have a great opportunity to create flexible deployments models. Unified Communication leaders such as Cisco have also started offering cloud and application-based platforms to help organizations meet the requirements of UC systems.

Chime uses noise-cancelling wideband audio, which makes it possible for companies to deliver high quality audio and video experiences. At the start of a conference, Chime can speed up the preparations to enable a seamless end-user experience across a wide range of devices and mobile operating systems. Chime displays the presence of all attendees, which Amazon says eliminates the “who just joined” questions that can occur on conference calls.

Cloud UC platforms are not only cheaper than on-premise UC, but they also pack more features. Unified communications market is constantly evolving and most companies will take cloud services into consideration to improve worker productivity. Hence, it is vital to bring the capabilities of UC platforms like Chime to share content internally and externally in the enterprise. To this end, Chime is built in such a way that it doesn’t require hardware and software installations. Chime is uniquely designed to help organizations deliver high quality audio and video experiences. Amazon has always been an early innovator of cloud technologies. Chime has been released into market to take advantage of a Amazon’s innovative approach.

Chime is available to users in a pay-as-you-go licensing model without the need of any licensing contracts and seats. A Basic edition of Chime comes free and allows users to attend meetings and make video and voice calls. A Plus edition is $2.50 per user per month and adds some user management features, such as linking Chime to an Active Directory and retaining up to 1GB of message history per user. Amazon partners Level 3 and Vonage have started selling versions that support additional features in the application ad messaging domains.